Photographer William "Skip" Powell on Capturing Perfect Moments of Kindred Passions

Here at SHIFTed we often talk about kindred passions, the moments that bound people together in persuit of discovery and adventure. While he got on our radar as an amateur watch collector, Brooklyn-based photographer William "Skip" Powell has built an impressive portfolio by letting his fine-arts training inform his artful, non-invasive, "subject first" mentality behind the lens. 

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What MB&F's Armed Robbery Taught Us About the Holiday Spirit

This Christmas, we share a harrowing but inspiring tale from one of our favorite manufactures.
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For Love of the Kill

Hunting for rare but enormously undervalued bottles of premium whiskey was once a thrilling, cloak-and-dagger pursuit for a select breed of connoisseur. Then the rest of the world got in on the secret.  

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The Radnor Hunt Concours d'Elegance Brings Back the Automotive Pageantry of Yesteryear

The cars at the Concours symbolize the journey to freedom.

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"The Last Jedi" Twists Taught Fans Hard Lessons About Branding, Mythology and Art

The difference between The Last Jedi's 93 percent critic's rating on Rotten Tomatoes and its 56 percent user rating is telling — the same unconventional narrative choices made by Johnson as auteur both wowed critics and made those who grew up with Star Wars incredibly uncomfortable.

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Piaget's Newest Altiplano Pieces Break a World Record

Piaget's Altiplano Ultimate Automatic looks back at the manufacture's history of thin movements while blazing a trail forward.

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Cask Strength: The Surprising Connection Between Bourbon and Scotch

So you like your scotch? Drink more bourbon.

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A Porsche Without a Price

This gift from Germany to America after WWII is priceless for a reason.

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A Few Words With Spike Lee

SHIFTed talks with director Spike Lee about history, storytelling and watches.  

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In Defense of Two-Tone

A recent Google search for “two-tone watches” yielded this automatic fill-in: “two-tone watches yes or no?” That sums up collectors’ mixed feelings nicely.

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