Catching Up With a Few of Our Favorite Makers at Wind-Up Watch Fair

Earlier this week we spoke with Blake Malin, co-founder of watch blog Worn & Wound, about their third annual Wind-Up Watch Fair, running through the weekend. With Wind-Up's focus on quality, affordable watches that tell a story,  everyone from seasoned collectors to curious tourists can find something to love. 

SHIFTed visited Wind-Up and caught up with a few of our favorite watchmakers about what makes this event different from all others.

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SHIFTed's Guide to Auctions 101

Want to get in on the bidding but aren’t sure what the rules are, or even what to wear? Our beginner’s primer will get you paddle-worthy in no time.    

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Highlights From SHIFTed's Neo-Vintage Launch Party

SHIFTed Magazine’s launch party last night at The Jane Hotelin Manhattan brought back the glamor of yesteryear, whilst celebrating the modern era.

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