Why Seiko's Newest "Cocktail Time" Watches Are Worth Drinking Up

Seiko's newest cocktails on the menu are a collaboration  with Hisashi Kishi, head bartender at Star Bar in Tokyo’s Ginza district.

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Astronaut Mike Massimino Explains Why His Omega X-33 Was Crucial in Space

Astronaut Mike Massimino has flown two shuttle missions, STS-109 and STS-125; performed four spacewalks and even sent the first tweet ever from space. He’s now a New York Times bestselling author and mechanical engineering professor at Columbia University.

He’s also a watch enthusiast who wears his flown Omega X-33 daily.  SHIFTed had the opportunity to speak with the astronaut about the timepieces he used on the shuttle missions, NASA and Speedmasters.  

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IWC Celebrates 150 Years of Watchmaking With Its Historic New Jubilee Collection

IWC Schaffhausen marks its 150th year of watchmaking in 2018. To celebrate the occasion, the Swiss manufacture is releasing a special Jubilee collection — a collection of limited-edition models paying homage to the timepieces that made the brand legendary — to be unveiled next January at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie watch fair in Geneva. 

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A Prominent Blogger Explains Why Watch Brands Don't Understand Their Customers

In an interview with FHH Journal, respected watch blogger François-Xavier Overstake had much to say about the direction that the industry is moving.

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What It's Like to Attend Watch Meetups With the RedBar Crew

“Watchfam” might seem like a catchy hashtag, but there’s truth in the name.

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Why Camy Was an Unsung Trendsetter Among Swiss Watchmakers

Camy watches like the Rallyking and Sevenseas hit all the right notes of cool when it comes to ‘60s and ‘70s tool watches, but they haven't managed to catch the eye of  vintage watch collectors. At this under the radar manufacturer, Raymond Weil laid the foundation for his eponymous Raymond Weil Geneve label, one of the last few family-owned Swiss watchmakers today.

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Why Dubai Watch Week Is an Event Like No Other

 Between educational panels and interactive exhibits,  DWW 2017 was about so much more than selling watches.

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Analog/Shift Vintage Holiday Finds

The day after Thanksgiving, for many of us, can conjure dread, images of crowded stores and elbows flying in a manner not unsimilar to Arnold Schwarzenegger's madcap cult holiday classic, Jingle All The Way. Fortunately, for those of us who want to keep it classy, the fine folks over here on the Analog/Shift side of the house have put together a holiday collection to suit any taste and any budget.

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How Ed White and His Omega Speedmaster Made the First Spacewalk in History

Ed Higgins White didn’t have to wonder what the world would think if he aborted the mission and returned to earth unsuccessful. Because he didn’t abort, he was successful.  

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This Report From the '80s Explains Why Tritium Radiation Is Trivial

 Following RedBar Group COO Kathleen McGivney's talk at The Horological Society of New York, "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Radium Dials," Cole Pennington looks into the dangers of another radioactive material common in our vintage timepieces — tritium. 

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