For Love of the Kill

Hunting for rare but enormously undervalued bottles of premium whiskey was once a thrilling, cloak-and-dagger pursuit for a select breed of connoisseur. Then the rest of the world got in on the secret.  

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Cask Strength: The Surprising Connection Between Bourbon and Scotch

So you like your scotch? Drink more bourbon.

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Could a Blight on Bourbon County Stunt the Scotch Whisky Industry?

In SHIFTed 004, our Distilled Issue, we explored the history and relationship between American bourbon makers and Scottish whisky distilleries. That relationship, rooted in the use casks made of American white oak, is part of a carefully balanced global ecosystem. It made us wonder, what would happen if that ecosystem were to be upset? Has it ever happened before?  

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The Real McCoy: Archival Reporting From the 1920s

Throughout Prohibition, the teetotaler Captain William McCoy ran a successful illegal booze operation from a series of ships anchored miles off the Eastern Seaboard.

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Why Seiko's Newest "Cocktail Time" Watches Are Worth Drinking Up

Seiko's newest cocktails on the menu are a collaboration  with Hisashi Kishi, head bartender at Star Bar in Tokyo’s Ginza district.

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We Sat on a Glenfiddich Scotch Panel in New York

Ahead of SHIFTed  Issue 004, the Distilled Issue, editor in chief Jacob Sotak and Analog/Shift Founder James Lamdin sat on a panel with ambassadors from Glenfiddich and Discommon Concepts.

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What It's Like to Attend Watch Meetups With the RedBar Crew

“Watchfam” might seem like a catchy hashtag, but there’s truth in the name.

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Why We Remain Fascinated by the Debate Over Chill-Filtered Whisky

At its core, the debate over chill filtration comes down to what a generation values.

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These Scotch and Cigar Pairings Help Channel Your Inner Churchill

Scotch has long been the mainstay of rakish gents the world over. Frank Sinatra, Mark Twain, William Faulkner, Humphrey Bogart, Johnny Carson, Errol Flynn — all loved and imbibed the tawny spirit. But for those of us who aren’t stars, sniffing out pleasing drams at reasonable prices that won’t make you look like a philistine can be tricky.

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